Lowrance 2 in 1 Active Imaging Transducer

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Package Includes:

  • Active Imaging™ 2-in-1 transducer
  • StructureScan 3D & HD metal transom bracket

See structure and cover with a new level of refined detail and at a range unmatched by any other structure imaging technology with Lowrance Active Imaging™ 2-in-1 sonar featuring SideScan and DownScan.

The high-level clarity, target separation and detail of Active Imaging will help you find more fish by making it easier to quickly identify fish-holding structure like rock piles, standing timber, weed beds, ditches and drop-offs, all at a greater distance from your boat. Active Imaging 2-in-1 sonar is perfect for use with a separate traditional sonar transducer.


  • High-resolution detail
  • 800kHz operation covers many use cases and ranges
    • With 800kHz range and resolution capabilities users do not need to choose between seeing in high detail or seeing far
  • High resolution IPS screens of NSS evo3 and HDS Live show the full image, allowing the user to see the entire underwater environment
  • Active Imaging transducers do not require any modules or extra hardware for use with next-generation displays
  • Perfect for use with a separate traditional sonar transducer
  • More refined detail and better range than any other imaging technology
  • Supports SideScan and DownScan (455/800kHz)
  • Compatible with Lowrance HDS LIVE, Elite Ti2 and Simrad NSS evo3 and GO series displays
  • Active Imaging Transducers
    • Scanning sonar technology that provides incredibly detailed, high resolution imaging sonar without sacrificing any range
    • Improved technology increases resolution, range performance through better direction of SideScan beams 
  • Stand-alone transducer allows user to combine Active Imaging transducer with separate CHIRP transducer for dual transducer installs
  • Operates at 800kHz or 455kHz with maximum ranges of 150 feet (800 kHz) or 300 feet (455 kHz)
  • Active Imaging Technology
    • Utilizes latest techniques in sonar signal generation
    • Active Imaging transducers are constructed of a polymer that reacts to sound waves more closely to water
    • This ensures that no sonar signal is lost during transmit or receive
  • Active Imaging transducers include separate sonar elements for SideScan transmit and receive 
  • Separating transmit and receive allows Active Imaging to have an incredibly fast ping speed (ping speed directly correlates to image resolution)
  • Separate elements focus more of the sonar signal outwardly, increasing the sonar signal to the sides and leading to better range performance