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Shop Address:

15 King St.

Building B3

Auburn, NH 03032 

What to Know Before Dropoff:

  • Make sure your driver side rod locker is empty
  • We accept Credit Card (add 3% to labor) or Cash ONLY
  • Bring your cover if you have one
  • Bring all fishfinders for testing purposes
  • Bring keys for your fishfinder locks

We are NMEA Certified and have an extensive knowledge of marine electronics, wiring, and electrical. We can install anything and everything on boats and trailers except outboard motors. Attention to detail is key in this business and there will be no short cuts taken. We use all marine grade components and heat shrink connections. Contact us today to schedule you're install!!

Shop Rate

$135/hr when purchasing equipment from BFE

$150/hr when bringing equipment not purchased from us

 Minimum service charge of $200.