Fusion 12awg Speaker Wire 50'

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Fusion 12 AWG Speaker Cable 50'

Model: 010-12898-10
  • The outer PVC jacket provides enhanced protection from temperature, fire, overvoltage and oil and is resistant to corrosion.
  • Fusion marine speaker cable delivers high-quality signal transfer for enhanced audio quality.
  • Flexible marinized PVC jacket allows for easier installation.

The new Fusion marine speaker cable range is specifically engineered for use on boats and ensures the best listening experience with your Fusion speakers and subwoofers. The speaker cable was specifically designed for the marine environment with high-quality materials to help protect the cable from the elements. The result is a superior speaker cable that delivers reliable performance in the harsh marine environment, season after season

The Fusion marine speaker cable has been engineered to withstand routing through areas on boats where there may be water ingress or higher temperatures.

The multistrand tinned copper cable is wrapped in a soft, flexible white PVC jacket offering enhanced temperature, flame, overvoltage and oil resistance

Ideal for connection with your Fusion marine speakers and subwoofers, the speaker cable features tinned copper wiring with parallel conductors for superior performance. The al l-copper wire construction ensures the audio signal is transmitted with minimal resistance, delivering a higher-quality audio signal to your onboard speakers and subwoofers.

The cabling and electrical components on boar d boats can experience high levels of corrosion and can become damaged from exposure to the harsh marine environment. This potentially could lead to electrical failure or, in worst cases, d isasters such as fires. The Fusion marine speaker cable meets temperatur e, flame, overvoltage and oil-resistance requirements and is fit for marine application.

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