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  • QTY 3: Heavy Duty FO-LINK link adapters
  • Qty 8:  Stainless steel  screws, extended length to work with current FO mount and specific OEM style zero degrees
  • Qty 4:  Stainless steel screws, super extended length to couple two FO-LINK adapters



EXTEND THE VISION... EXTEND THE RANGE...THE FO-LINK system is a Lego style offset extension block system that was specifically designed to add offset to live imaging Fish Obsessed transducer mounts on trolling motors and more.

Not sure what FO-LINK system is right for you?  Give us a call !!! The FO-LINK-1375-VERSA is a package deal that covers just about every offset needed for your trolling motor install you could want.  Use one, two, or all three FO-Links to customize your mount to your  specific needs. 

Mix and match to extend your current Dominator mount range to the fullest by FO-LINK-1375-VERSA. It  utilizes three FO-LINK adapters giving users the ability to add 3/4" or up to 2-1/4" total offset to the trolling motor shaft connection and transducer connection.   Offsetting the transducer allows trolling motor users the ability to install their live imaging transducer mounts further up the shaft.  Use on trolling motor shaft  connections and Dominator barrel connections for added transducer offset. 


Note:  Trolling motors, Dominator mount, transducer connections and / or caps pictured are not included and are intended for reference only.  See contents at top of page

  • Fully CNC machined from solid acetal bar stock
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A by Fish Obsessed machinists

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