FO Dominator Garmin Livescope Plus LVS34 Trolling Motor Mount for Perspective, Forward, and Down

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***This is designed to go on a trolling motor. We carry another mount if you're adding this to your pole mount.


  • TMA-LVS34-008
  • FO-LINK-1375-1

 Note:  No stock hardware is used for installation. This mount is designed to be thumbscrew and tool free! The necessary hardware for attaching your transducer to the mount is included.


        DOMINATE the water and take your fishing to the highest level with the most versatile and innovative Garmin Livescope Plus zero degree trolling motor mount  available on the market.  We married the original  Dominator, our zero degree mount, and now included our  FO-LINK-1375-1 extension block system to put together an adaptable trolling motor mount like none other. Trolling motor shaft mounting port or starboard configuration compatible.  Change between forward, down, and perspective view modes with ease.  Transducer install height issues?... no problem! Utilize the  F.O. Link spacer system to avoid trolling motor interference due to limited install height restrictions and fully customize your trolling motor needs.    Offset your transducer at the shaft or the transducer for the clearest live imaging pictures available.  Eliminate the guesswork and confusion on plug and play components.   For use on trolling motor shafts  from diameter range 1.125" - 1.375".    Fully loaded and ready to go fishing Dominator style!

Perspective view:  The  perspective mounting bracket  with integrated ratcheting adjustments allows for more  time fishing and less time aligning your livescope views; all while keeping your transducer straight forward and vertically aligned. Allows for multiple starboard and port mounting configurations  for all types of mounting styles.  Designed to be the fastest multi-function mount that has the capability of converting forward/down view to perspective view in a variety of different configurations.   Ratcheting motion allows the user to quickly tune their perspective sonar images for varying water depths.  Quick view changes with total beam coverage will have you back to Fishing in seconds!

Forward view and down view:  The zero degree/straight clamps that we offer corrects the transducer geometry problem associated with the 8 degree clamp that came with the livescope kit, allowing you to have your sonar image, GPS position and transducer targets lined up.  This improves the accuracy of your readings in vertical and forward/downward mode, making it simple and intuitive to get on the fish you are seeing as well as locate your lure or bait on the sonar screen.

  • Quickly move from forward, down, and perspective mode
  • Port or starboard mounting capable
  • 1-1/8" to 1-3/8" clamping capacity
  • Fully CNC machined from bar stock
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A by Fish Obsessed machinists with a Lifetime Guarantee!

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