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BLUE SEA SYSTEMS MiniBus 100A Bus Bar 4 Screws w/ Cover

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Get your AC or DC wires shipshape with a 100A terminal bus bar.

Blue Sea Systems bus bars are the industry standard and a great way to organize and distribute power. Either behind the breaker panel or in the engine room, a bus bar can turn a spaghetti bowl of wire into something more organized and easier to troubleshoot. Use them to distribute the power from a single breaker to several loads; examples being navigation lights or cabin light circuits. They also provide a way to connect and disconnect wires as is required to un-step a mast; a must for sailors in the Midwest and New England. Sized to match the current loads, make sure that the bus bar you choose will handle the required amperage, plus some room for expansion.

Key Features

  • Great for collection of negative or AC ground circuits
  • Great for positive distribution
  • Two #10-32 Stainless steel studs allow high torque loads to reduce resistance in the connections feeding the bar
  • Terminal screws on a tin-plated copper bus bar secure, organize ring and maximize electrical contact. 4 #10-32 screws (2305) or 5 #8-32 screws (2304)
  • Available cover (model # 8646317) for applications that the ABYC require terminal insulation
  • Reinforced heat-resistant polycarbonate
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Maximum Voltage AC: 300V
  • Maximum Voltage DC: 48V
  • Continuous Rating AC: N/A
  • Continuous Rating DC: 100A
  • of terminals: 5 #10-32 SCREWS (2304), 4 #8-32 screws (2305)
  • of terminal studs: 2 #10-32 studs
  • Base material: Reinforced Polycarbonate
  • Bus material: Tin-plated copper CDA 110/UNS 1000
  • Dimensions: 4 3/16"L x 15/16" W
  • Weight: .16 Lbs.