BBT Bass Cat Low Profile Taki Dual Stack Bow Mount

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This Dual stack mount was designed to get your units as low as possible utilizing the Dropped Bow deck area. The units are off-set to keep the units inside the gunnel as much as possible. The Mount has 2 adjustments, one can rotate  the units and the other is to be able to slide the Top stack side to side for fine tuning your set-up.

Fitting Models
We do not know what all Years and Models this mount will work on, as we do not have access to all of the Models. We do know that it will fit all the Lynx models, all of the 2022 Basscat Cougar, 2017-2022 Eyra. It will not fit any models that the TM pedals moved all the way forward, you must be able to slide the TM pedal back towards the pedestal seat.

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