Th Marine Hole Shot Plate For 8"" Atlas Jack Plate

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TH Marine Hole Shot Plate

For 8"" Atlas Jack Plate

  • Models to Fit All ATLAS™ Jack Plates (both standard and heavy duty jack plates)
  • Provides Improved Hole Shot
  • Reduces Water Drag at Take Off
  • Reduces Porpoising

These are but a few of the comments coming from users of T-H Marine's HOT SHOT™ hole shot plates. This simple but revolutionary plate easily attaches to the bottom of our jack plate to provide an amazing 18 to 20 percent better hole shot. Thats 2 to 3 seconds faster out of the hole. Hot Shot™ does this by dramatically reducing water drag on take off as well as serving as a center trim tab. An added advantage is the ability to stay on plane and virtually eliminating porpoising at lower speeds.

Models available for our ATLAS™ hydraulic jack plates and Z-LOCK™ manual plates.

Models Marked ""T"" Have side imaging Transducer Cut-Out. Slot fits most Model SI Transducers.