MillerTech 45ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery (Trolling/Electronics)

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Capacity Voltage Weight Size Warranty
45AH 12.8 V 14.5 lbs. 9” x 5.5” x 8.5” 5 years

BMS: Yes
Chemistry: LiFeP04
Efficiency: 98%
Memory: None
Low Battery Alarm: Yes
Max Charge/Voltage: 14.6V
Cut-off Voltage: 10.5V
Max Charge/Discharge Current 45A
Peak Discharge Current 135A-1-2 sec.
Operating Temp: 32° to 130° F
Low Temp Charging Protection: Yes
Connection Capability: 4S - 4P
Cell Type: Cylindrical


All products manufactured and distributed by MillerTech Energy Solutions have a warranty ranging from 1 year to
5 years. With MillerTech you can rest assured, that if by chance, you have a warranty claim, it will be solved with an
honest, understanding, hometown approach. Unlike a larger corporate company where you might be (just another
All defective products must be shipped to MillerTech Energy Solutions LLC along with a copy of your purchase
receipt. At our discretion, we may repair, replace or give credit for items returned under warranty. Tampering or abuse
of product will void warranty coverage!

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