BFE Simple Pull Total Boat Wiring Kit w/ Master Power Switch (3-4 Fishfinders and Livescope/Active Target)

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*** This kit is made for a 21' boat or less with 1-2 units at the console and 1-2 units at the bow along with a Livescope/Active Target. Contact us for a custom kit or any questions related to install.

Tired and frustrated of issues with your newly purchased Marine electronics??? Well here is the solution! Marine Electronics are not what they used to be and require more power to properly operate. 99% of boats do not have adequate wiring which leads to frustration with your new units that you just spent thousands of $$$ on.

We have created a simplified kit that consists of two separate runs of high quality 8-2 Marine Grade Duplex wire. This kit already has all connections made except the actual power wires from your graphs. Simply pull one run from the bilge to the console and the second run from the bilge to the bow.   Crimp your fishfinder power wires and heat the butt splices and you’re done! No more voltage drop and poor quality images!!

Below is a list of whats included:

- (1) 15' Section of Marine Grade 8-2 Duplex Wire for the Bilge to Console. Includes 2 inline fuse holders.

- (1) 25’ Section of Marine Grade 8-2 Duplex Wire for the Bilge to Bow. Includes 3 inline fuse holders. 

-(1) 2' Section of Marine Grade 6 Gauge Wire

- Blue Sea Master Power Switch

- Heat shrink ring terminal connectors and butt connectors

- Zip Ties

 Tools Required: Heat gun (not required), Crimp Tool

 BassFishin Electronics does not assume any responsibility for any damage caused by installing this kit.